I love going to jewelry stores and seeing how they compete and how they fight back against their competitors.

We see that there are different types of jewelry stores and how they compete. One of the main ways they compete is by using their customers as pawns and then using these pawns to try to beat their rivals.

Jewelers compete by making a lot of money off of sales, but also by making sure they keep customers from noticing that they are in competition with another jeweler. If you’re a jewelry store, you really want to make sure that when you have a customer come into, they are not aware that you’re competing with another brand. It’s part of the value that you offer the customer.

This is a lesson that I learned the hard way. I was so busy buying my first pair of earrings and necklaces at a large chain jewery store in San Jose, I forgot that I was competing with a store even smaller than I was. And so as soon as I heard people talking about “the new ‘pawn shop’ store”, I went in there and asked to see the competitors.

Not only did the sales clerk at this smaller store start yelling at me, “You’re from a jewellery store, you should be here buying jewellery,” I was also told that they had a “No Trespassing” sign on the door. And then there was the time when a sales clerk in a larger chain jewery store asked me if I felt that I was being harassed by the smaller store.

No, you weren’t harassed. You were being told to buy stuff from them to compete with their own. Not only that, but a manager who came over to see if I was available to work was told that I was a competitor that they didn’t want. At no time did I ever hear any of this, but it’s what many of the comments on the video look like.

The thing is, these are actually the same sales clerks that are working in the small, independent jewelry stores in the first place. So, it’s kinda like they’re trying to act like they aren’t bad people by taking the actions they do in this video, while secretly knowing the exact same thing I’m saying.

Jewelry sales clerks usually work in a very small area, so they’re not normally in a position to get themselves into trouble. One sales clerk, however, is a target. She keeps her mouth shut, but her boss has set up a private video camera in her store where she is constantly being filmed by her boss. The sales clerk has apparently overheard the conversations between her boss and her co-workers and is making the video available to the public.

A sales clerk who’s been caught is going to be fired, but why? Well, she’s a sales clerk, so she sells jewelry. She must be aware that her boss is watching her 24/7 and knows exactly what she’s selling. She has to have a very good reason why she’s letting her boss get a video of everything she’s doing. If you’re a sales clerk you’re going to have to keep your mouth shut about anything that isn’t directly related to a sale.

The sales clerk’s boss is a very paranoid man. He knows every detail about every employee in the store, and any employee that tries to talk about it will go to work for him. But if he does catch a sales clerk selling jewelry without permission, his suspicions will be verified, she will lose her job, and he will be forced to fire her.