This necklace is one of my favorites and I have worn it with everything. I love how it is both feminine yet classic and with a touch of the modern. The large pendant is a great length and the round base ring is a great shape. The clasp is great for wearing on the neck for a nice look. I love how the stone fits perfectly in the neckline and the color of the stones are a gorgeous shade of blue.

I’ve been a fan of kim rogers jewelry since the beginning. I have worn their pieces for many events, and I have worn the necklace to weddings, engagement parties, and proms. I have never been disappointed in my wear of the pieces or their durability. In fact, it’s rare I have ever had to replace a piece because of wear and tear.

As I’ve said before about my own collection of Kim Rogers jewelry, I’m always looking for new pieces to wear to different events, and Kim Rogers makes some of the best pieces. For a while I was excited to wear this necklace to my birthday party, but it was one of those events where I was wearing a lot of other jewelry. I ended up giving it away, so I can wear it to these next two events, which are sure to be epic.

Kim Rogers has always been a big proponent of working with her pieces to enhance the beauty of her designs. Its a great thing to see Kim Rogers working with the gemstone industry, to make this jewelry. Its great to see new designs from this one woman who has such a strong passion for her work.

I’ve got a lot of love for the Kim-Rogers brand, and every time I find something new I love it. It is a unique and beautifully-designed line that is always on trend (and I’m not just talking about big, flashy, and super-expensive pieces) and is a lot of fun to wear.

I love Kim Rogers designs, but this one is a keeper. The way the diamonds are arranged around these earrings is amazing. Kim Rogers has become one of my favorite designers, and I just love the way the designs are drawn and used in her jewelry. Ive been a big fan of Kim for a long time, but this new piece is my new favorite. I also love the colors.

With the release of the upcoming ‘Killer Instinct’ movie, Kim Rogers has been keeping the trend alive. The line of Kim Rogers jewelry continues to be a big hit with the public, and I really love this new piece from the latest collection.

The entire collection is available through your local retailer, and Kim’s jewelry is not cheap. But for $200, the entire collection is worth it. I’m loving these earring designs.

I’ve been obsessed with Kim rogers since they first released a line of Kim rogers jewelry a few years ago. I own six. Two of them are the same (with different colors) and the last two are a bit more unique. I think the colors are the best bit and I love the details. The colors are like a really soft, feminine white with a hint of black. The gold is also very pretty and the silver is lovely as well.

The new jewelry collection from kim rogers is the newest addition to their collection, which is all about the women. The kim rogers jewelry is an ongoing series of women wearing the same outfit. It’s really cute and unique. It goes together really well. Im in love with the earrings on top and the necklace around my neck. Those are exactly what I was looking for.