Mashka jewelry was designed to be a unique way to wear your special something. A small piece of jewelry that will instantly be recognized as your own.

Mashka jewelry is a collaboration between our very own designer, Paul K. Smith, and a few other talented artists and designers. The idea behind it is to help people recognize their special something, but without going crazy with jewelry and having it all over the place. The pieces in the collection are meant to be worn with simple and classic clothing, and with the occasional touch of color to make them stand out.

Mashka jewelry is a very simple idea, but the collection is very impressive. There are only four pieces included, but they include some of our favorite pieces, including the beautiful bracelet that Paul had us create.

The collection is inspired by ancient Russian culture, and the pieces are gorgeous. The bracelet is a gorgeous piece of art, and the bracelet and earrings are both gorgeous pieces of jewelry, but the bracelet is the most unique. That’s a very good thing because that’s a very unique thing.

The fact that the pieces are all unique is even better, because most of the pieces in our collection are only a few of the pieces in our entire collection.

The fact that the bracelets are all unique is a good thing, because they are unique to each person. Even when you have a collection of all pieces you own, you have at least one unique piece in there.

That’s why when someone finds a jewelry set that would be good for a Christmas gift and want to keep it, it is best for them to keep it, because after all, it is a collection of unique things.

Most of the pieces in our collection are the ones we have that we don’t mind to give to people. They may be a bit on the pricey side, and it feels weird to give something that was made for yourself to someone else, but we also believe that the idea of giving something that was made for you to someone else is the more altruistic choice. We want to help others with the same thought that we do.

This is why we are currently selling the jewelry we are able to make ourselves. We want to give the world some new and interesting things to wear.

Mashka (pronounced mash-ka) are a type of hand crafted jewelry that is made by artists from around the world. It is a form of art that is created from a mold and then cast in precious metal. In its most basic form, it is a bracelet that is made from a special, semi-precious metal. It is then encased in a precious metal shell, which is then hand-finished in the same way that a real bracelet is.