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roland is the first place I found, and the only place in the whole city where you can go to buy the jewelry. I had a hard time finding a place where I could really get a bead set made, but I did find a place that has custom jewelry made. I mean, if you need something done, you can buy it, its not like you can’t buy anything at the store.

I had one bead set that I found at the mall by roland that was really great, but I have no idea what the other pieces are. I don’t think roland does custom jewelry, but my friend says she had fun with them.

I think I know what roland’s specialty is. He’s gotten a lot of jewelry commissioned from other people, and that’s why I’m always on the lookout.

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roland is the man. He loves all the nice and unique designs he gets to work with. I mean, I’ve seen his stuff at flea markets, but I’ve only seen him designing at the big jewelry stores. He’s also been spotted at the mall wearing a necklace made by one of the girls at the mall that he went to school with. He is one of those guys who loves all the different styles of jewelry he can create.