straubel green jewelry company

At straubel, we’re passionate about creating unique, quality, handcrafted jewelry for women and men. We started out in our hometown of New York, NY and today we operate in Chicago, IL. But we’re most passionate about what we do. With a team of over 60 people, we have the ability to take a concept and turn it into a collection of pieces that will make you smile.

Most of our pieces are made from sterling silver and are handcrafted with the utmost care. When we work with other artists, we try to work with their vision and style. We focus on making the pieces that you will wear everyday. We will take your favorite piece, and take it back to the studio to make it the best it can be.

Our company is called straubel, and we are based in the village of Heidenheim. We take pride in what we do. Our company was founded in 1994 and has grown to over 700 employees. We are currently located in the village of Heidenheim in Bavaria, Germany.

Straubel is a German company that focuses on making jewelry. A large portion of our work comes from the country’s traditional design and craftsmanship. We are one of the most traditional jewelry companies in Germany, with a reputation for bringing the best products to the market. Our products are based on art and design that was created in Germany and represent the country’s cultural heritage.

Our style is based on the traditional styles of the country, and we only use what is already on the market. We don’t try to imitate other brands, because we want to create a unique signature for each of our products. We are also able to work with our designs and craftsmen because of our extensive network of suppliers and craftspeople. Straubel is not a typical European jewelry company.

The company has one main focus: making green goods for the world. Straubel is a company that is trying to show that green and eco-friendly products and crafts are not just trendy in the States, but are also relevant to everyday life. We want to help Straubel’s customers to understand that these products can also have an impact on our own lifestyles too, because they are created in a country that has a very particular style of green crafts.

Straubel has a very specific line of green jewelry, which is known as straubel green jewelry. The company is famous for their green jewelry creations and it’s no surprise to see a line of green clothes, shoes, and bags. Straubel Green Jewelry is not just your average green company, and we think it’s a great way to show what green fashion can look like.

The company’s products are often very affordable and even make a lot of sense to our life style for some time to come. Straubel’s signature products are green leather boots and hats made from eco-friendly recycled materials and wool. A couple of weeks ago we were shown a small leather jacket, a very sleek and stylish green jacket that was made from eco-friendly recycled materials. The jacket was part of Straubel Green Leather Jackets, and was made from recycled materials.

Straubels green leather jackets are some of the most beautiful, affordable, and chic leather jackets on the market, and they’re made from recycled materials. These jackets can be found in a variety of very trendy price points, but they’re really the ideal product for our lifestyle. We like the fact that they’re made from recycled materials.

Straubels green leather jackets are made from recycled materials and can be found in a variety of very trendy price points. Theyre made from recycled materials.Theyre made from recycled materials.